Gift Card Box Instructions

Here are the instructions as promised for the Gift Card Box – I hope you can follow them. The quality of the photos showing the steps is not too good (this is my first tutorial!), but I think they will show you the idea!

Finished size of the box is 10cm x 10cm x 2.5cm.

You will need one sheet of A4 cardstock and sticky strip to make the box; stamps and embellishments as desired.

– trim A4 cardstock to 17cm wide x 29.6cm
– with long side against base of cutter, score at 10cm, 12.5cm, 22.5cm and 25cm
– with short side against base of cutter, score at 1cm, 3.5cm, 13.5cm and 16cm
– using a cutter or scissors, make cuts as shown in the photo below

(Cutting lines are shown as __________ and score lines on the box shown as – – – – – – .)

Use scissors to round the corners on the tabs and flaps for a neater look, and cut a small wedge from the larger flaps (this helps the box to fit together properly). You should now have something like this:

– stamp images, if desired, on outside of box (if the stamp has a “right way up”, you will need to check how you stamp to have it right way up when box is put together – see photo below) before putting together
– place sticky strip on the large flaps and the narrow tabs

– fold large flaps up and adhere to the sides of the box

– adhere front piece to sides (you may want to adhere a scrap piece of card behind where the Velcro will go, for added strength)

– decorate lid “flap” as desired (eg ribbon across and scallop edge piece behind)
– attach half an adhesive-backed Velcro circle or a small Velcro piece under lid to close
– if desired, punch holes in top of “lid” and add ribbon for a handle (I used a strip of the leftover cardstock from the box, adhered underneath, to disguise the ends of the ribbon) or add punched or Pretties flowers or buttons or large brads, etc to decorate if desired.


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