Top Note Purse

Card: Rich Razzleberry, Cottage Wall DSP
Other: Big Shot, SU! Top Note die, Sizzlets Buttons #5, Crystal Effects, linen thread (dyed with Rich Razzleberry ink), crop-a-dile, jumbo eyelets, Rich Razzleberry Polka Dot grosgrain ribbon, bone scorer, glue dot, sticky strip, Velcro Dot

Purse Bottom:
Cut 1 piece of Rich Razzleberry cardstock 14.8cm x 19cm.
With short side of the cardstock against base of cutter, use a bone folder to score 2cm in from each side.
With long side of the cardstock against base of cutter, score 8.5cm in from each side.

To make “stripes” on the purse bottom, I placed the cardstock, wrong side up, on grid paper, centred it and marked at 1cm intervals between the previously scored lines, then, still wrong side facing up, scored at the marked intervals. (not sure how well this shows in the photo!)

Cut to make the small tabs, trimming a small wedge off each side (this will help to make the box fit together).
Place sticky strip on small tabs, adhere to “back” side tabs

Place sticky strip on remaining two “front” side tabs and adhere to “back” side tabs

This is what it should look like now:

Purse Flap:

Using the Big Shot, cut 1 Tope Note die cut from Rich Razzleberry cardstock and 1 from Cottage Wall DSP.
Trim the perforated edge from the DSP Top Note.

On Rich Razzleberry Top Note die cut, mark 1cm either side of centre, then score and crease with a bone folder.
Do the same on the DSP, but take care not to score too heavily or you will tear the paper.

Trim the “pointy bit” from both short sides, on both the cardstock and the DSP.
Adhere DSP Top Note over the Rich Razzleberry Tope Note, starting in the centre strip, then attaching sides.


Using the crop-a-dile, punch a hole in from each end of the purse flap.
Set jumbo eyelets in the holes, using the crop-a-dile.

Cut desired length of Rich Razzleberry Polka Dot Ribbon (I used about 20cm).
Thread each end through and tape down underneath with a little sticky strip.

I like to cover the underneath with a strip of matching card, cut a little narrower and a little shorter

Place sticky strip on the underneath of one side of the flap and adhere to the back of the purse bottom.
Place half a Velcro Dot underneath the front flap; peel backing off the Velcro and close flap to adhere to front of purse bottom.

Using the Big Shot and the Sizzlets Buttons #5 die, make three of the small buttons from scraps of Rich Razzleberry cardstock (you can only cut one at a time with Sizzlet dies!).
Poke out the holes and adhere the buttons on top of one another (I used Tombow Multi Purpose Adhesive).
Carefully add a little Crystal Effects to the top, avoiding the holes.
Leave to dry – this will take a little while.
Colour a small piece of linen thread by running it over the Rich Razzleberry stamp pad till it has picked up enough colour. Leave to dry.
When both are dry, thread linen thread through the faux button, tie off in a knot and trim ends.
Attach to purse front flap with a mini glue dot.

Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

PS I would appreciate any feedback on the tutorial, as I am still relatively new to “publishing” my tutorials – hope it was easy to follow!


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